Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seriously? That's Sirius Radio?

I'm back from an overnight trip to the nation's heartland, Indianapolis. (I told you I've been traveling up a storm lately!) Because it was such a long drive, I had to rent a car - a big burly SUV, in fact. I hate SUVs with a passion, although this wasn't hard to drive. Luckily, my trip was a snap.

The best part was the Sirius Radio that came with the rental. I listened to Sonya Fitzpatrick, pet psychic, for almost the entire drive. It was AWESOME! Pet-owners would call in and Sonya would tap into the pet's brainwaves over the phone. (Just by hearing the pet's name and color.) Afterward, she'd report back: "Susie doesn't like the blue halter. Spot really enjoys his new dish. Sparky thinks your hair looked better when it was styled differently."

I was tempted to call in, but was afraid she actually was psychic. Daphne and Zoe would say: "Why does she keep leaving us all by ourselves? We love it when she leaves big piles of laundry sitting around her apartment. Can you tell her we want her to let us in the bathroom?" Embarrassing!

All I can say is thank goodness I quit being a vegetarian (all three days). I would've starved to death! I went to dinner with some guys last night and they picked a brewery. (It was basically guys who were in the AV Club in high school, so they like lots of meat. ) My veggie option would've been a big-ass bowl of mac and cheese. Blech. ('Cause my deep-fried salmon was so much healthier!)

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