Thursday, July 31, 2008

A News Hiatus? Moi?

I'm in a funk. I'm feeling stressed about pretty much every aspect of my life, which means I need to spend a couple of days bumming around. I can only be lazy for so long until I get spurred into action. This usually involves a to-do list of some kind.

Yes. I'm Defending John McCain.

I may also need to take a hiatus from the news. It makes me feel like spitting. This whole "race card" crap has completely pissed me off. I will break away from my liberal brethren to say I do NOT feel John McCain's Britney/Paris ad is racist. Stupid, pathetic and offensive, yes. Racist, no. I also don't feel John McCain is being racist by calling Barack arrogant. That actually doesn't bother me all that much. Who wouldn't want a self-confident president? A candidate who believes he can win. I think John McCain has referred to himself as president before - that's "arrogant" too.

Um - Since When is Making an Observation a Crime?

With that said, I don't see how John McCain can say Barack Obama is playing the race card. Barack referred to the fact that he is black and will be the first black president. Um, those are facts and shouldn't cause any debate whatsoever. It's not like it's a surprise. We all know Barack is black. I'm sure he's pretty aware of it too. John McCain has previously mentioned that he's old and a cancer survivor. Is he playing the age card AND the cancer card?

Ugh. I've decided to do my small part in helping Barack Obama get elected by sharing one reason every day why he'll be a good president. I just want to put some of his actual thoughts and beliefs out there to help people make an informed decision. My own dad, a long-time democrat, was actually repeating a few of the biggest lies about Barack Obama out there. (I quickly corrected him - and have since sent him several policy papers.)

I realize not everyone is as interested in politics as I am, but that's never really stopped me before. My friends and family are well-aware that I've been a woman obsessed since that horrific Florida incident in 2000. Don't worry - I'll be sure to give equal time to New Kids on the Block, Sweet Valley High and my cats.

Fact #1: As president, Barack Obama will INCREASE the size of the Army and Marines so they have time to retrain and shorter deployments.

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