Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (Sung a la 'The Right Stuff')

I'm sure by now you've all heard New Kids on the Block's smokin' hot (*cough, *cough) single, Summertime. If you haven't, you should find someway to listen to it, because it's craptacular!

The Kids are apparently getting ready to release a brand-new single, aptly titled Single. (No - they weren't being ironic - apparently, they just really want to be some poor chick's boyfriend because they repeat that line about 12 times in the 1-minute clip I heard.) Even better - they teamed up with Ne-Yo to add some edge. Click here for a listen.

I do agree that the Kids are pretty edgy. When I saw them in Pittsburgh on their Christmas album tour, (I was 13, wearing acid-washed overalls with the biggest bangs you've ever seen. I may even have left one strap dangling. Hotness!) I remember they knocked over a Christmas tree on stage like the thugs they are!

All I can say is I hope the Kids don't just sing a bunch of this crap from their new album, The Block. If I'm shelling out $38 for dreadful seats, I want to hear some Stop It Girl, Please Don't Go Girl AND Step By Step (currently the ringtone on my phone, replacing Baby Got Back, which was slightly embarrassing when my phone rang at work.)

In fact, I may even want to hear that hilarious song on their first album where they announced their astrological signs..."Hi I'm Danny, I'm a Taurus." I think it was called I Wanna Be Loved By You. (Who am I kidding?"I think" my ass... I KNOW that's what it was called.)

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