Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You Know Your Schedule is Bad When...

your gargoyle-like prankster neighbors comment on it!

I came in at 10:45 tonight thanks to my 9 p.m. belly dancing class, some post-class chit-chat and a brief pit stop for a beverage. The gargoyles were hanging around outside smoking and called out a greeting to me. I said hi back and one says, "Are you just getting home from work?" I said, "No no...I had practice." Then he says, "You're always out. You seem really busy." So I said, "Yeah. It's crazy. I wish I were home more" and went inside.

I take that as one of the many signs that I need less to do. Things should be better this month - 'cause they can't really get worse schedule-wise. No more travel and I'm no longer doing the Franklin County Fair bellydancing show.

I just got back today from a trip to New York. I stayed at the Millennium Hilton across from the former World Trade Center, which was under heavy construction. The Hilton has the best pillows and sheets. I sleep so well there - although maybe it's the lack of cats, not the bedding. You can order them online, but $75 seems like too much for a pillow and $155 too much for sheets. Even if they are heaven on earth.

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