Monday, October 06, 2008

Out, Out Darn Daphne!

Last night, I had a battle of wills with my mitten-pawed cat, Daphne.

Daphne wanted to jump on my dresser and bat around my jewelry with her giant feet. I wanted her to stay away from my dresser.

It went down like this: Daphne jumped on the dresser. I lurched out of bed to shoo her away. After a few rounds of this, I kicked both cats out of the bedroom so I could get some sleep. Zoe hates to be away from me so she immediately started meowing and digging under my door. I could only imagine what that was doing to my carpet, so I let them in again. Immediately, Daphne jumps on the dresser. I kick them out of the bedroom, and so on.

Finally, I let Zoe stay and banished poor Daphne. I feel bad though...I just haven't been home as much and they're very needy.

Zoe was equally obnoxious on Sunday. I was trying to sleep in. Apparently, she had gobbled down her food during the night and wasn't happy with her empty bowl. I was sleeping on my stomach, so she sprawled on my back, purring to get my attention. When I ignored her, she plopped her butt on the back of my head.

I'm not ultra-picky, but definitely didn't want cat butt on my head. She got her way!

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