Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My legs hurt.  Badly.

I signed up for Personal Training sessions with my friend Kelly and yowza...we're not in yoga anymore!

Our teensy-tiny girl trainer kicked our giant jiggly arses.  (At least, she kicked MY giant jiggly arse and Kelly's petite arse.)  We had to do these horrifying step ups - lunge - butt squeeze - kick things and jog and horrifying lower ab crunches.  Our session was only 30 minutes and I'm glad because I probably would have keeled over.   During my last minute of jumping jacks, I seriously thought I might throw up.  

This is all good stuff though, because I have been massively lazy about working out.  No more - it's either get in shape or be in pain.

Give Up Coffee?  No Way, Jose!

We also had to keep food diaries of what we ate.  Weight Watchers did great things for me - but I had no clue how many calories were in some of the things I ate.  I just always remembered the points.  Plus, WW has that extra 30 points that's available for "emergencies" but I think it gives people an excuse to go overboard.  I think it's the biggest mistake Weight Watchers ever made.  I had great success when they gave point ranges and you could bank points.  As soon as they started with the flat (low) Daily Target, I struggled.  

In my food diary, my favorite meal was Sunday when I basically ate nothing all day because I felt sick and then ate all of my allotted calories in one meal after we ordered Papa John's.

My trainer lady wants me to give up coffee and my beloved Boca fake chicken patties.  I'm not certain I agree with her.  I maybe can do the Boca - although one of my favorite meals is a Boca patty  chopped up in a salad.  Give up coffee?  Keep dreaming.  I wanted to cry when I heard her say that.

In Touch With My Inner Geek

My name is Eljabo and I watch Battlestar Galactica.  Tina and Liz have been trying to get me to watch this show for years and I resisted.  However, one boring summer weekend, I checked out Season 1 on DVD from the library.  I was HOOKED.  It's a great show.

Simon likes the show too, so we've been having these Battlestar Galactica marathons.  We've got one disc left in Season 3 and need to get through Season 4 before we're remotely caught up.  I keep reading blurbs that we find out the final Cylon this season.  (I'm hoping we find out the other final 4 before that, because the suspense is frakking killing me!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're finally on board!! I can't believe I missed the first two episodes of this season. Speaking of Agony!

FYI: Nathan Fillion is on a new show called "Castle" starting in March. It looks good. Formulaic, but good. He is so funny!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Nathan Fillion is Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly.

Eljabo said...

I know who Nathan Fillion is! I LOVE him and can't wait for Castle to start. It looks great!

I have the first two episodes on my DVR - haven't caught up yet.