Thursday, January 08, 2009

I've Got Brains Too - I Swear

To make up for my reality TV binge, I recently watched an HD episode of Planet Earth.  I figured, I live on Planet Earth - might as well know what else is on it. Especially considering I'm not likely to travel to the middle of the ocean any time soon.

The episode I watched today was Shallow Seas.  I am now in love with the following animals:
  • Pygmy Sea Horses - these are super tiny sea horses that look almost exactly like coral.  They are so flippin' adorable.

  • Sunflower Starfish - they can extend their stomachs outside of their bodies, spread their stomach over their prey and use digestive juices to liquefy part of the prey.  

    How convenient would it be if I could just do that with a tray of doughnuts at the office?  I would push my stomach out of my body, out of my cube, around the corner, up a wall and on to the doughnut desk.   I could devour a chocolate frosted doughnut with sprinkles without even leaving my desk.  That would rock!
I'm fascinated by the camera crews for these documentaries.  Can you imagine how boring it would be to sit and wait for a sunflower starfish to eat something?  I can't imagine they move very quickly - no matter how freaky their stomachs are!


hillsideslide said...

I heart the sea horse picture! Veryyy cute. Thanks for sharing it.

As for luring in the starfish, i think they use choc frosted donuts. Sunflower starfish happen to LOVE donuts. And, they're nearly impossible to come by out there. ...and I thought it was hard to find a Dunkin Donuts around HERE!

...this one time, in band camp, I SWEAR I saw a starfish slipping behind the counter at Schneiders! Yep, they make road trips for that kind of quality!

(well, now that I think about it... it was either a sunflower starfish stomach, or Anad's lips after a particularly long solo)

Eljabo said...

Ew - Anad's slobbery trumpet lips. Grossness!