Monday, March 30, 2009

Cat Drama - It Never Ends!

The other day my cat Zoe started licking a giant red sore on her leg.  After five seconds of freaking out, I looked her over and found another red sore under her tail.  That's all it took - to the vet we went!

My vet is a friend of mine and she's always super sweet to my kitties, so I love taking them to see her.  It's the Linworth Animal Hospital if you need a vet -- they're super!

It turns out poor Zoe was simply ITCHY.  She apparently has allergies and was licking and biting her skin to get rid of the itch.  Those big giant sores - caused by her own mouth!  (YIKES.)  The poor thing had to have urine taken directly from her bladder to make sure she didn't have an infection.  Plus, she was subjected to a shot of antibiotics and a shot of steroids.  

Zoe's my sweet pea - so laid back and friendly -- so she didn't put up much of a fight.  Or maybe she's too fat to put up a fight.  Apparently my cat is turning into a tub of lard.  She gained 2 pounds, which is probably 50 in human pounds.  I can't say I'm surprised - the chickadee never misses a meal.  

After her shots, I packed Zoe up in her little carrier and took her home, expecting the drama to be finished.

Cat Drama:  The Aftermath

When we got home, Daphne was all sprawled out on the floor.  As soon as I let Zoe out of her carrier, Daphne started hissing and growling and swatting.  Apparently, the vet stank has made Zoe unrecognizable to her own sister.  Any time Zoe gets near Daphne, Daphne goes berserk.   In fact, if we rubbed Zoe and then put our hands near Daphne, she even hissed at our hands.  It's like she's possessed - maybe I should do an exorcism.  Poor Zoe has no clue that anything's wrong.  It's sad, really.

Daphne spends most of her time hiding under the curtain or under the bed.  She curled up in my lap and nursed herself twice yesterday and woke me up three times last night so she could cuddle with me and nurse herself.  (She kneads my arm and likes to spoon with me when she does it.  It's great.  Hope you can recognize sarcasm.)

My vet assures me that this is a temporary spat and they should be good as new in a couple days.  Still, I hate seeing them like this!  I just bought some cat pheromones and sprayed them around my apartment.  It's supposed to calm them down.  We'll see!

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