Thursday, June 04, 2009

News Flash! There's No Such Thing as a 'Crunch Berry!'

A California woman just sued because after four years of eating Cap'n Crunch (Why is he a Cap'n, not a Captain?) Crunch Berries cereal, she just now figured out that crunch berries weren't a real fruit.

Four years!  Um, it took me absolutely no time to figure that out because I'm not an idiot. I even ate them as the most gullible child on earth.  (Heck, I believed in Santa until I was 11)

And she ate Crunch Berries for four years?  I'd hate to see her dental bills!  She's getting no fiber.  She should switch to Kashi Go Lean!

Was this a serious lawsuit or was she just playing around?  What the hell did she think crunch berries were?  They don't even have a flavor.  They don't even resemble a fruit.  They're hard and sugary.  They crunch.  

I wonder if poor Boo Berry is next.  Although I haven't seen Boo Berry for a few years... maybe it's gone the way of Crystal Pepsi and other things only I seemed to like.

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