Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Da Fair

I don't know why I'm doing an old school SNL reference...bored, maybe?

I so love that I'm bored. I've been too dang busy to be bored in recent months so it's almost a relief. In fact, I'm on vacation next week. My goal is to do so little, I actually want to get back to work.

On Sunday, Kelly, Simon and I went to the Ohio State Fair. Of course, we WOULD pick the hottest day of the year.

It was so hot some portly man brushed against my arm and covered it in his disgusting sweat. I'm glad I didn't have a microscope to see all the germs!

The fair is the same every year and that's why I love it! Here are the highlights:
  • Loaded ribbon fries - complete with gloppy, unnaturally orange cheese
  • Fried food du-jour -- this year it was fried buckeyes. They weren't bad...they were just super hot and messy. I probably wouldn't get them again
  • Refillable mug of Crystal Light (raspberry ice...yum!)
  • Giant Slide -- Simon was FLYING down that thing. I've never seen anyone go so fast!
  • Butter cow (pictured above)
  • Ice cream from the Dairy Barn
  • Baby chickens and puppies in the agricultural building (I think that's what it was called!)
  • Pig races (in case you can't figure out, the pig in the photo was NOT the winner!)
  • Natural resources park complete with Ohio animals like the skunk
  • Mullets -- both male and female (the saddest are the child mullets)
  • Barn 'o junk - if you're looking for VCR tapes, fancy pans and Michael Jackson T-shirts, this is your spot!
Despite the sweltering heat, we had a lot of fun. It was Simon's first fair ... he seemed to like it. What's not to love? Pigs, mullets and fried foods - it doesn't get better than that!

Here are some pics from the fair. You will note there are no pictures of me. That's because I was sitting in a very unflattering position and look about nine months pregnant in the two pictures that were taken of me. The good news is the photos are a great diet motivator! I'm hanging those babies on my fridge...

#1 - Deep-fried buckeyes (they look a little disgusting, don't they?)

#2 - Animal Nose - this was not a cow. To be honest, I can't remember what it was. But, it definitely was not a cow!

#3 - Kelly & Bambi's Dad -- No, this wasn't a shoot 'em and bag 'em kind of state fair. Apparently, dead deer are a state resource. The corpse was displayed in the Natural Resource Park (or whatever it's really called!)

#4 -- The Aftermath - this isn't really a fair picture, but it's so cute I can't resist posting! When we got home, I headed for the shower to wash the portly stanger's stank off me. When I came out, Simon and my cat Daphne were napping on the couch. (OK, Daphne wasn't napping, she was nursing herself, but that sounds gross!)

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