Saturday, August 15, 2009

Salmon-Colored Nastiness

When I saw Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt was now available in watermelon flavor, I was psyched! Who doesn't love watermelon?

Apparently me! This yogurt is the most vile substance on earth.

First, there's the color. I just don't think food should be salmon-colored unless it actually is salmon. I found it jarring. There I was in the midst of my beige cubicle-dom when all of a sudden, I'm faced with a bowl of salmon-colored slop.

Next, there was the taste. It tastes nothing like watermelon, people. Watermelon is light and refreshing - perfect with a sprinkling of salt or perhaps some feta cheese. This yogurt tasted exactly like every other artificially sweetened yogurt, except it was salmon-colored. It had a chalky texture. After two bites, I felt like my taste buds were numb. I had to throw it away.

Please do yourself a favor - stay far, far away from the watermelon yogurt. In fact, I haven't tried the cantaloupe flavor yet, but I'd steer clear of that too! Life's too short to eat disgusting slop!

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