Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ha Ha! (In Nelson's Voice)

In America, we have a thing called a 'birther.' These birthers are imbeciles who believe that President Obama faked a Hawaiian birth certificate and has fooled everyone in America (including the state of Hawaii) except for the 100 or so birthers. Obama was REALLY born in Kenya and has been lying about it since birth on the off chance that he might become president.

Here's how it went down:

Moments after the painful birth process (I have not experienced it myself, but it sounds painful), his mother said, "This boy...this boy shall be president one day. I will call him Barack because that's a presidential name - no Williams or Thomases in this family! We haven't had a black president yet and our country is a tad segregated still, but I know he'll be the first one.

Oh wait. Baby Barack was born in Kenya. Oh no. That means he CAN'T be president! I'm going to forge a Hawaiian birth certificate with seal and all and then we will lie to all of his schools and family members and the state of Hawaii for the rest of our lives. Kenya is the perfect place to make high quality forgeries that fool government officials."

Here's the deal. It's fine if you don't like Barack Obama - personally, I think he's doing a hell of better job than McCain and Palin's freaky arses would've done and way better than Dubya ever did (considering Dubya got us into this mess!) If you don't like him, at least be able to come up with a valid reason - or just say "I don't like him." This birth certificate nonsense? Puh-leaze! Like Hillary Clinton's peeps wouldn't have figured that one out? She was cut-throat! Even the Devil ...excuse me, Karl Rove...said Barack was born in the U.S.

Fooled You Once!

What's even funnier is that someone actually posted Barack Obama's fake, obviously forged Kenyan birth certificate online. It doesn't have the correct country, among other things. Click here to see the complete rundown of inconsistencies. So Barack's Hawaiian birth certificate - which even the state of Hawaii says is real - is fake, but this piece of crap is legit? Like I said, people are idiots...

What's even better is someone actually came out and said they faked the birth certificate and posted it online! This was weeks after these birther idiots appeared on all sorts of talk shows waving that thing around as "evidence."

I guess I should be amused that people believe these things. It gives me something besides my cats to write about!

Here's the article!

Kenyan Birth Certificate: Obama Birthers Latch On To Forgery

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