Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Good Deed

Yesterday, I did a very important good deed - I stopped someone from buying the Dannon Light & Fit Watermelon yogurt. (Although to be fair, I was returning her good deed - she recommended the Dannon Light & Fit Pineapple Coconut yogurt because apparently it tastes like a pina colada. I'll report back.)

When I saw her pulling the watermelon off the shelf, I said "The watermelon is really NOT good. At all. She seemed disappointed, but she put it back.

I did find two tasty yogurt flavors: Yoplait Light Cinnamon Roll & Cherry Cobbler. Delicious! (Of course, I would pick the flavors that taste like dessert.)

Feline Fakeout

My cats are stressing me out at night. Well, Daphne is stressing me out -- Zoe just lies at my feet and doesn't move until I get up. The problem with Daphne is the second I wake up and move around, she thinks that she should get up too.

This morning I woke up from a nightmare at 4 a.m. (I had a terrible dream about a murderer hiding in my apartment. I think I have to stop reading those dreadful Left Behind books. When I read them before bed, I have nightmares about death and destruction. I bet if I were reading chick lit or trashy romance novels, I'd have more relaxing dreams.) When I woke up, that was Daphne's cue. She started jumping on furniture, knocking over crap and attacking a random receipt that was on the floor.

Sadly, whispering "Stop it! Those are bad behaviors" had no effect whatsoever so I was forced to turn on the light.

Of course, as soon as I turn on the light to chase her away, I find her plopped on the floor looking half asleep. Lights go out - she's at it again. Lights go on - she stops. So annoying!

I wouldn't care if she was awake in another room but she always has to be in the same room as me. If I kick her out, she scratches at the door and meows until I let her back in. Argh. I have spoiled, spoiled kitties.


Stephanie said...

I thought we agreed to start reading more trash? I promise to get at least one trashy book the next time I'm at the library if you will too.

Anonymous said...

I loved the left behind series, although I did stop at Nicolae...maybe I should add those to my library list...instead of the trashy chic lits I get now...

ps. I sleep pretty well!

Eljabo said...

Note the addition of 'Karma Girl' to my currently reading collection!

Last night, I read a retelling of Cinderella and slept like a baby. I had dreams, but they were all pleasant.

I think the Left Behind series should be stamped with a warning. "May cause nightmares!"