Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Thank You!

I happened to catch an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You all know I love me some trash celebreality TV. This show was so annoying, I ended up shouting at the TV, "You're all idiots. go away." In fact, Simon has forbidden me to watch it anymore because it gets me all riled up.

Here is the idiocy that happened:

  • Khloe is a few days late for her period. She may or may not have taken a pregnancy test (I didn't grasp that fact). She deduces she's pregnant and tells Kim AND the camera crew before she tells her husband. She swears Kim to secrecy.

  • Kim tells their mom that Khloe is pregnant and swears her mom to secrecy. Her mom tells the rest of the family. One of the younger sisters calls Khloe to congratulate her. Pissed offness ensues.

  • Kim is supposed to take her younger sisters to the beach. She forgets. Instead of simply telling them she forgets, she tells them she was out jogging, tripped over a dog and hurt her ankle. The girls are distraught and ask their dad to take them to buy flowers for Kim because of her injury. They pull up to her house and find her unloading groceries, ankle intact. The girls throw the vase of flowers on the ground and stomp off. Pissed offness ensues.

  • Kim is supposed to go to some sort of gig. She lies and says she's coming down with an illness, apparently forgetting that she's on national television.

  • Khloe goes to the bathroom at a restaurant. She comes back and asks her sister for a quarter so she can buy a tampon. Apparently, she is not pregnant.
If you're going to be on a pseudo-reality show, at least make it somewhat realistic. There is no way none of this would actually happen in real life. It's like a bad 80s sitcom -- except no one talked about tampons on 80s sitcoms.

I don't even understand why the Kardashians are famous. I'm as confused about them as I am about Tila Tequila. (Who the hell is she and why is she on my TV? Has she ever done anything?)

I get that Kim made a sex tape and that she and her sisters are pretty (in an overly made-up way). Is that any reason that they have to appear in all my magazines, on all my web sites and on my TV. Grrr....

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