Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Rock!

I would just like all of you to know that Simon and I rock!

In the month and two days that we've been engaged, we've:

  • Set a date for our wedding
  • Picked a ceremony location
  • Picked a reception location
  • Booked a photographer
  • Booked a DJ
Now it's onto dress, flowers and cake! If anyone has any ideas, I welcome them!

I've been a gigantic writing slacker. Last week I was busy moving my cats and myself into Simon's condo. I still have lots more to do in my old place, but all the essentials are here. The only sucky part is I feel like I'm living out of boxes.

I kind of like cohabiting. I'm never bored or lonely. I've been enjoying shopping for groceries. It's fun to set up our place and think of all the things we can do to make it homey.

Of course, cohabiting means sharing a DVR. Simon was surprised last night to find 'Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty;' I had no idea there were so many golf shows. Eh...it's not like we have to watch the same thing at the same time. Particularly when I move my TV over from the apartment!

Things are going well overall -- except I'm a little stressed! My grandmother has been in ICU at the hospital for the past few days -- they think she's going to get better, but very stressful! My parents are moving. I'm moving. Work has gotten busy again. We're planning a wedding. Lots of stuff going on!

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