Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yay! I'm Out of My Apartment

This was a whirlwind weekend -- full of hard work and a little bit of fun.

Friday Night Fun

On Friday, Simon and I attempted to finish moving out of my apartment. We got 95% finished before we had exhausted our interest in moving. We decided to hit Senor Antonio's for yummy Mexican food and margaritas/banana daiquiris.

Saturday Serenity

On Saturday, we went golfing. It was my first time on a course and let me tell you, my lessons did not hold up very well! I was ghastly. We tried to keep score - but lost interest in that when Simon would finish a hole in 5 strokes and it would take me 15. For some reason, I can't hit a ball for than 20 feet. It was painstakingly slow.

Afterward, I went to get a facial. A new salon just opened up in Powell (Skin Abstracts) and the owner was offering 50% off on all services. My facial was great - VERY relaxing. I can't decide if extractions would be the grossest part of my job or the best part of my job if I was a facialist. Maybe it's fun to get clogged pores unclogged.

Simon and I finished the last bit of my apartment on Saturday afternoon. For the rest of the evening, we basically turned into giant blobs. I went to bed at 8 and read a book. Simon watched a movie about heroin addicts. It was an exciting night at the Eljabo-Simon residence.

Sunday "Let's Get 'Er Done"

On Sunday, I met my landlord at my apartment to turn in the key. Thank goodness! I am so over that place. Although I lived there for 5 1/2 years, so lots of memories. I will miss the neighborhood duck orgies in my backyard. I will NOT miss hearing the guy below me snore.

Afterward, I picked up my pal Amy. We hit Alan Ray Bridal for their veil show. I got my veil, headpiece and earrings. I'm excited about my veil - it's a mantilla veil complete with crystals. Alan himself is hand-making it. Or maybe it comes already made and he jazzes it up...not sure. It was a little more money than I wanted to spend, but I tried all the items on with the dress so I know for sure they go with it. Plus, the owner of the shop picked them out, so how can I go wrong? (And Amy approved of them...)

Afterward, we went to David's Bridal so Amy could try on bridesmaid dresses. She found two contenders! Then we hit The Lost Shepherd for an early dinner. I had an artichoke salad and shrimp saffron soup. Yum!

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