Thursday, July 01, 2010

What I Saw at Work This Week

Earlier this week, I saw a woman wearing a white skirt with no underwear. I did catch her from the back, so she could have been wearing a thong. Still, if I could see the outline of her butt THROUGH her skirt, it was probably too see-through for work.

When I was younger, my mom used to try to get me to wear slips. I was never a fan - but then, most of my skirts weren't see-through. In this instance, I think the slip would have been the perfect addition to that lady's skirt.

What I Overheard at Work

Yesterday, I was coming back from lunch when I passed a mousy looking guy in his late 40s. He was wearing a button-down shirt -- looked like an accountant.

He was talking on his cell phone. I heard him ask the person on the other end, "Was it good for you last night?"


I'm going to miss this stuff when I start my new job. I'm working downtown so I don't think I'll see quite as many see-through skirts or glittery halter tops.

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