Sunday, November 07, 2010

Still Blah-Ful

I think this time it might be related to my hangover, but I can't guarantee it.

On Saturday, I went to Weight Watchers. Sadly, I gained a pound and the weigh-in lady yelled at me. "What's going on, Eljabo? Why did you gain a pound your first week? What happened?"

Um - I probably screwed up and ate more than I was supposed to. Isn't that usually how these things work? I actually don't think it was a real gain - my rings were too tight so I think I was just puffy.

At night, I went with some friends to eat Mexican food. Afterward, we hit up a bar. I had a few too many amaretto sours, which led to my current blah state.

Today, I've done basically nothing except watch Supernatural episodes.

I did manage to plan my menu for the week - here's what I'm cooking:

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