Friday, December 31, 2010

Why My Lucky Subscription Must Die

Last year, I subscribed to Lucky magazine after my manager told me in my annual review that I should dress more like Ally McBeal. (I was confused - micro minis, anorexia, 90s fashion?) I thought it would help me develop a more fashionable style.

All it has done was make me want a raise. I'll see a cute dress, look at the pricetag ($895) and weep softly to myself. I need to create a Lucky magazine made entire of clothes you can buy at Kohl's, Macy's, Ann Taylor Loft and Target.

At least other fashion magazines have articles. Not Lucky. It's all fashion all the time. I personally find fashion about as interesting as I find grass or dirt. (Translation: not at all.)

Today, I experienced the last straw. The article was "What would you wear to a job interview?" and a bunch of Lucky editors told what they would wear (like that would be applicable to any other job other than fashion magazine editor).

One of the editors said "A pale shimmery lavender eye shadow because after I left they would say 'Did that girl have on lavender eye shadow?'" (or something like that - I'm paraphrasing.)

Who would ever say that? I barely notice what other people are wearing, let alone what color eye shadow they have on. And why would I want people to comment on my eye shadow after I left the room? I'd rather they say "She was nice" or "She seemed very professional and put together" or "She's the kind of gal who can get the job done." In fact, I'd prefer hey notice my eyes over my eye shadow.

Grrr....Lucky magazine - you are contributing to the downfall of society!

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