Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Coming Soon - a Giveaway!

This Thursday, I will have my very own first blog giveaway. I'm super excited about it!

Green Giant (via MyBlogSpark) sent me a box of frozen broccoli and cheese to sample and review. They were kind enough to give me a second prize pack to share with one of my readers. Don't worry - they'll be shipping it out to the winner directly with dry ice and stuff, so you don't have to worry about my shoddy shipping skills.

Here's a picture of the prize:

So be sure to check out my blog on Thursday - I'll be telling you about broccoli and cheese AND offering up a swell prize. And since I'm not sure who reads my blog, I have no qualms about offering the prize to someone I know. It's still going to be a random drawing, but you won't be punished for knowing me! (Except for Simon - it really wouldn't be fair if he won!)

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