Saturday, April 02, 2011

Go Away Mr. Trump

The Donald is an ass.

Just when I thought all this birther nonsense was finished, The Donald stirs it all up again.

This man wants to be our president?

Honestly people, if President Obama was not an American citizen, don't you think some of the other Democratic candidates would have figured it out way back in 2007?

I imagine you have to fill out some paperwork to become president. My brother had to have a criminal background check going back to elementary school days so he could become a prison guard. A co-worker said to me if she ever got married, her husband would have to go through a criminal background check because her step-sister is married to someone who works for a federal agency. I would guess they would do the same thing for someone who is going to be in charge of this nation.

Donald's big proof is that no nurses or doctors remember Barack being born. I'm sure that the doctors or nurses involved in my birth do not remember me either. OB-GYNs look at a lot of hoo-has and a lot of babies. I'm sure they all blend together after many years. Of course, when the governor of Hawaii (a personal friend of the president's family) says he DOES remember Barack being born, The Donald claims he must be lying.

I hope no one takes this Trump yahoo seriously. I suspect he's trying to pull a Palin and use this to make lots of money.

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