Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Think Not

I read a stupid article on CNN about moms who are dressing like their teen daughters. One 14-year-old was horrified by her 43-year-old mom buying a tank top at Hollister. I can believe that. Most 14-year-olds are horrified by pretty much everything their moms do.

Personally, I think it's best to steer clear of overly trendy clothes, because you look like you're trying too hard. But, if you have the body for it, I don't find it all that offensive. I personally have never been able to shop in the juniors' section - even when I was a junior - because of my child-bearing hips. If you're able to, more power to you!

There was one part of the article, however, that I found completely unbelievable:
After losing 80 pounds, the 35-year-old said she wanted to show off what she's accomplished, and not with a miniskirt or cutoff shirt, but a ruffled shirt. McMenemy went to Kohl's and accidentally wandered into the juniors' department after spying a top she liked. McMenemy said a woman in her 20s gave her a hateful look.
I call bullshit. I don't think this really happened. I swear I'm not calling bullshit because I'm practically the same age as this woman and I hate to think of people thinking I'm too old to shop somewhere. I genuinely don't think that happened.

First of all, I shop in Kohl's all the time and the layout of the store makes it hard to even see any of the people around you. I barely notice other people when I'm there. Second of all, it's a department store so all of the sections run into each other. I always end up in the petite section and the pregnant lady section and the men's section by mistake. I can't say that anyone has ever looked twice at me. Finally, a 20-something is probably technically too old to shop in the juniors' section herself - its more for teens - so she probably wouldn't be giving someone else a dirty look.

Yes, the lady might have gotten a dirty look but maybe she was being annoying - talking on her phone or running into people or grabbing a size the other girl wanted to wear. The lady probably felt self conscious about being older and just assumed the dirty look was because of that. I felt like an ass one time when I went into American Eagle. I joked about the alarm going off whenever someone in their 30s went in. Even though I felt self-conscious, no one gave me a dirty look. I think most people are just concerned about themselves when they shop.

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