Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weirdo Cats

My cat Zoe is a plastic water bottle fiend.

She can be dead asleep, but if I open a water bottle in her presence, she runs toward me as fast as she can, tummy swaying. She lets out this little begging mew. I'm never exactly sure what she wants. I let her sniff the bottle - she seems to like that. Sometimes, I pour a little water in the cap and she'll lap it up.

I know she drinks out of her regular water bowl, so she can't be thirsty. And both of them drink water at a normal pace, so she's not diabetic. It's perplexing! I've decided she wants the water in the cap and she sees it as a special treat.

Zoe wasn't in our bedroom last night - she was lounging in the hall. (Sometimes our bed with two humans and two cats is too much even for the cats!)

I woke up at 2 a.m., dying of thirst. I reached for the water bottle by the bed and chugged away. Zoe heard me open the water bottle, clear in the next room. She let out a pathetic screech, jumped on the bed, scrambled over my legs and was sitting next to me staring at me before I even finished drinking. I was too tired to share, so she was out of luck that time.

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