Monday, August 29, 2011

"Oh No, There Are Notes..."

On Saturday, I took Daphne and Zoe to the vet for their annual check-up. That's always a good time. Daphne started throwing a hissy fit as soon as I got her in the carrier. The 15-minute-drive to the vet was plenty of time for her to get royally pissed off.

A new vet tech was working. She picked up Daphne's carrier to take her back to the room. Daphne started hissing. The vet tech looked startled and said "Hissing already? It's not going to be that bad." I said, "Oh, you have no idea how bad it's going to get."

Our vet is a friend so it's always fun to see her. She actually introduced me to Daphne and Zoe way back when they were kittens. She took care of angelic Zoe first. Zoe was mostly OK, but had packed on 2 lbs, which is the equivalent of a human gaining 30 lbs. She's now on a diet.

Then it was Daphne's turn. The vet said that the tech had pulled her aside and said, "I just brought a cat back and she was already hissing but I didn't see any notes in the chart." The vet glanced at the chart and said "Oh no - there are notes."

Yep, my cat is such a pain in the patoot, she has notes.

They did the whole exam in the back room. As I waited, I heard a plethora of screeches, yowls, growls and howls. A few minutes later, they all came back into the room. Apparently in the middle of the exam, Daphne broke free. She had launched herself off of the table and was running all over the back room. They managed to capture her and muzzle her. After that, she was fine.

The vet gave me some special cat treats for Daphne - they are the equivalent of kitty Prozac. And I gladly took them...'cause that cat is a spaz when she gets home from the vet. She has a tendency to throw up when she gets stressed. I spent most of the night following her around cleaning up her vomit. Good times.


nerdshoveler said...

I feel your pain. We have a cat that behaves during Vet trips the same way Daphne does. Our vet has us give the cat the sedative prior to bringing the cat in for the appt. It doesn't knock her out completely, it just takes the CRAZY edge off.

Eljabo said...

It's a cross between funny because your cat is acting like a fool and embarrassing because your cat is acting like a fool.

I think we get one more try before we start having to go the sedative route.

My friend says her cat pees and poops all over the table when she goes to the vet, so I guess it could be worse.

wife of nerdshoveler said...

One time, I dropped one of our cats off at the vet for regular visit (they had this cool option where you could drop off in the morning and pick up at lunch for the busy-cat-owner-on-the-go). I got called an hour later and was told they "couldn't do a thing" to my cat and to "please come get her immediately."