Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cooking Hits & Misses - September!

I continue to be lame with the cooking. This was yet another super busy month and I'm trying to do quicker meals so I have more time to work out. I've decided that the slow cooker is my new best friend. I've used my slow cooker a ton!

The hit of the month for me was the KFC-Ya Later Bowl. This is a repeater - I made it many moons ago before I met Simon. I had fond memories of this dish and a butternut squash
on hand. Simon liked it too and he was shocked when I told him it was vegetarian.

Phenomenal (would make again)
  • KFC-Ya Later Bowl (Hungry Girl) -- I don't make tons of Hungry Girl recipes - I think she uses too many artificial sweeteners/fake foods. I refuse to use fat-free cheese so I opted for low-fat instead.
  • Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken -- You can't get easier than this - a pound of chicken and a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce. (We love Devil's Spit.) Let it cook in your slow cooker all day long. It's fab!
  • Corn and Black Bean Tacos -- I just cooked up some corn, black beans, salsa, lime juice and cilantro. Served with taco fixings.
Great (probably would make again)
Eh (wouldn't make again)

Blech (would never ever make again)
  • Salsa - I made some kind of homemade salsa with tomato, onions and jalapenos. It was awful! Someday I will learn to make salsa, this wasn't my year!
  • Raspberry and Brie Flatbread (Clean Eating) Simon was appalled when I served this for dinner. I can't say I blame him!


ButterfliEterna said...

Ah, I love your blogs! They're so real... Last year, I brought the Slow Cooker out of hiding. Tried to make a chicken for Turkey Day... never again! (People said it's easy... cook until the meat falls off the bones.) I cooked said chicken until said meat fell off the bones... and pulled a skeleton out of the SC. It looked like soup. Didn't taste bad though... LOL! Figured I'd share. Have a great weekend!

Eljabo said...

Thank you! I have to agree - slow cooker meals are definitely not for company. They're always some unappealing shade of gray or brown and everything ends up looking like soup. Luckily, they usually taste OK!