Monday, October 10, 2011

I Don't Care What You Say - We're Still Broken Up

Dear Netflix,

I got your email today letting me know that you've kicked Qwikster to the curb.  You're finally ready to commit - to be my one and only DVD/streaming provider.

And, I appreciate the sentiment, really I do.  The thing is, you still let the newspapers know before letting me know.  That makes me think you haven't really changed your colors.  I've already let you fool me twice (shame on me) - I won't let you fool me a third time.

Honestly, I haven't missed you one bit.  I've been catching up on the new fall premieres on TV.  I've also been enjoying the 24-7 movie offerings of premium cable.  If I really want to see a particular movie, I can use On Demand on my cable box or visit RedBox.  Both options would still be less expensive.

Maybe, just maybe, there might be a period when I'll ring you up for  a late night movie run.  You know, if it's the middle of winter and there are only re-runs on TV and I feel the need to catch up on old TV shows.  But then, it's going to be on MY terms for a limited period of time.

I'm a busy lady - and I have no time for a DVD provider with no social skills.

Best of luck to you!


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