Friday, October 28, 2011

A Difference of Opinion

 I work with five single girls - two are in their thirties and three are in their 20s. One of the senior managers is always very interested in their social lives.  She recently moved to Columbus from New York City and is used to working with Sex and the City esque girls.  So far, she's been very disappointed in my co-workers.  Every time they show up wearing a sassy outfit, the senior manager says hopefully, "Are you going out?"  They never are.  Luckily, I'm never subjected to that - she just waves her hand at me and says "Ah - you're married. You don't go out."

My co-workers were very entertained that I was going to a Man Market so when the senior manager came up to check on our Halloween plans, they volunteered mine to her.

She says, "Oh!  What time are you going out -  10, 11?"  I looked at her horrified, "10 or 11?  I hope to be home by then!"  I don't know about you guys, but I'm not a Night Owl by any stretch of the imagination.  On rare occasions, I stay up past midnight, but for the most part, I need my sleep.

Of course, my 20-something co-workers were all about leaving at 10 or 11 - they claim that's when everyone else is out.  My fellow 30-somethings all agreed with me about the timing.

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