Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What I'm Reading Wednesday: Legend

This week I'm reading Legend by Marie Lu.  

I'm on page 253 of 305.

I'm so thrilled to be finally reading this book.  It's been getting rave reviews all over the place!  I have to say, I'm a bit smitten as well.  Marie has a compelling, action-packed writing style.  I just wish the cover wasn't so lame.  This book is a little embarrassing to be seen in public with.

The Skinny

Surprise, surprise - it's another dystopian young adult novel.  (It's the last in my batch of library books, so I'll be moving on to a new genre next week!).  It's set in a fractured, post-apocalyptic United States - the Republic is the main government, the Colonies are the rebels. 

In this world, teens take an aptitude test (The Trials) when they're 10 years old. Their scores decide how much education they get and what jobs they can have  Oh and there is some nasty fatal plague spreading rapidly throughout the country.  (Where did I put the Lysol and canned goods again?)

The Cast of Characters

Day is the main male hero. (Don't ask - for some reason young adult authors always pick the most ridiculous names possible.) He failed the Trials years ago but escaped having his body donated to science or whatever was supposed to happen to him. He's the Most Wanted criminal in the country, mainly because he's been living on the streets, wreaking havoc on the Republic with pranks and petty thievery. 

June is the main female heroine. She scored the only perfect score in the history of The Trials. (Girl power!) She is the orphaned daughter of a military family and has been raised by her military brother. Her brother is accidentally killed during an encounter with Day. June thinks Day killed her brother so she tries to hunt him down.

The Verdict

I'm really enjoying this one.  Marie has an unusual writing style - the chapters alternate between Day's and June's perspectives.

I'm so engaged in this book I've actually shaken it a few times, yelling at the characters to smarten up.  Real effective, right?  June is pretty much a social dunce and has taken a long time to catch up to Day's greatness.

I'm dying to see how this book ends.  Partly because there's only been one kiss so far and I"m dying to see them smooch it up.  I only have 50 pages left, so hoping to knock this one out tonight.  But first, to the gym!

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