Monday, January 02, 2012

Why Best Buy Annoys Me

I used to love Best Buy,  but ever since Circuit City went out of business, Best Buy's customer service has been in the crapper.

My computer cord was all frayed and wouldn't charge my computer anymore so I went to Best Buy to buy a new one.  While I was there, I decided to schedule an appointment to have my new car stereo installed.  I like to listen to podcasts during my commute, but I usually have to hold my phone up to my ear, which is annoying. For Christmas, my husband bought me a new car stereo that includes a connection to my iPhone.

I went back to the car installation area and the annoying sales guy, who reminded me of a drooling, bouncing Labrador retriever puppy, informed me that they weren't taking appointments for car stereo installations.  They were only taking appointments for remote starts and they were booked through March.   If I wanted to have a car stereo installed, I would have to drop my car off, leave it there all day and hope that they could get to it in between all their remote start installations.

Obviously that wouldn't work for me and I let the sales guy know.  I work.  I don't have time to bring my car and hope that they can install it.  I need a scheduled day and I need a guarantee that my installation was going to get done.  The guy in charge of scheduling goes in the back to see what he can do.  The annoying sales guy started talking to Simon and me about his car.  He was mad because he has a very unique, sporty car that cost $21,000.  (Apparently Best Buy pays well.)  One of his co-workers leased the exact same car only with a sun roof.  The co-worker was apparently "sweating his style."

Finally, the scheduler guy comes back and tells me the 19th or the 20th was available at any time at a different Best Buy that was 20 minutes away.  I said I could do the 19th at 6 p.m.  He called to confirm the time.  That time was no longer available so he asked me if I could do the 21st at 5 p.m.  Fine.  Just install my damn stereo.

We leave and see the two sports cars out in the parking lot, parked in the very last row facing each other.
"Sweating his style," indeed.

Best Buy Round Two

I get home and try to use my new power cord.  It doesn't work.  It just falls out of my computer.  I look in the little hole where the power cord goes.  It's all mangled.  The thought of not having a computer gives me the heebie jeebies.

Back to Best Buy we go.  The Geek Squad people take one look at my computer and say "Yeah, we can't fix that.  You're better off buying a new computer."

Luckily, I was able to find one I liked for a reasonable price and they were able to transfer all my files from my old to new computer.  The purchasing process was actually O.K.

Best Buy Round Three

I managed to go 24 computer-free hours without breaking into hives.  I took my husband to urgent care this morning after spending a week listening to him hack up a lung.  He didn't want to go to the doctor because he knew that he just needed a different type of cough syrup.  I put my foot down and said, "You don't have a medical degree so you don't know what you need.  We're going to the doctor."  It's a good thing we did too! He has a sinus infection, bronchitis AND pharyngitis.  They even gave him an in-office breathing treatment.

As we were driving back, the Best Buy people call to tell me my new computer is ready. I don't have my receipt with me, but I figure my ID is good enough.  The guy who checked me out was so incredibly condescending.  He acted like I didn't even know how to use a computer.  Um, I may be an old lady (to his 12-year-old punk ass self), but I certainly know my way around a computer.

Apparently, I needed my receipt to leave the store.  He acted like a snot while he printed a duplicate receipt and then he said, "Try not to lose this."  I swear, I almost punched him.  I know exactly where the original receipt is. I just didn't know I was supposed to bring it.  And, I think I can manage to walk 20 feet to the exit without losing my receipt.  Grr.

I wish there was another computer option. I guess there is, but I always buy computers from Best Buy for some reason.  However, if their employees don't stop acting like giant douchebags, I'll be forced to shop elsewhere.  There's nothing worse than a 20-something smarmy punk who is unaware that women nowadays are smart, capable and have their shit together.  Eventually they'll learn, but not soon enough.

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