Saturday, February 25, 2012

My embarrassing life

I have a bad habit of wearing my contacts for too long.  Terrible habit, in fact.  I'm currently down to my last pair of contacts and not scheduled for an eye exam until next week.

On Tuesday morning, I woke up and looked like I was on drugs.  My eyes were bright red.  I opted to wear my glasses to work.  (My lovely crooked glasses that my cats have been gnawing on for five years.)

My boss called me in to meet with her.  As I was talking to her, my eyes started burning and watering.  I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks.  I was not the slightest bit upset; my eyes were just really irritated.  I hoped my glasses covered up the tears, so my boss wouldn't notice.

Fat chance. A few seconds later, she started telling me what a fantastic job I've been doing and how I could get other people on the team to help me out if I was feeling overwhelmed.  Yep - she thought I was feeling overworked and was crying because of my high stress level.

We cleared it up later, but I felt like a complete moron!

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