Saturday, July 07, 2012

Three's Company: Fashion Faux Pas?

A Three's Company marathon is on TV and, of course, I got sucked in.   I'm always a sucker for Jack Tripper's zany antics.

I don't remember this show back in its heyday - I was really little when it was on.  However, I do remember catching the replays on TV for pretty much my entire life.

I have a hard time believing that people actually wore those outfits.  This was a pretty popular show - were the main characters considered stylish and fashionable?  Did people strive to dress like Janet?

In the two episodes I caught (yes - 2 episodes = marathon), I saw:

  • bermuda shorts with knee-high boots
  • giant glasses
  • ugly patterned sweaters
  • shoulder-padded long-sleeved shirts with bermuda shorts
  • high-waisted pleated pants.  
Scary stuff!   Here are some screenshots, so you too can ponder:

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