Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Reading Wednesday: Night World (Books 1 - 3)

I'm so embarrassed to admit what I'm reading right now.  On Sunday, Simon and I were browsing at Half Price Books.  I was rummaging through the $1 books, spied this one and began reading it.  Sadly, I couldn't put it down.

This Night World book was written by LJ Smith and it's three books in one:  Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness and Spellbinder.  (I can feel my brain cells dying just writing that.)

I;m not sure of the exact page number, but I just started the second book within the book.

The Plot

In the first book, a teenage girl is dying of cancer and has an opportunity to become a vampire. The second book revolves around three teenage vampire sisters related to a character from the first book.  I have no idea what the third book is about, but I'm sure it's connected in some way.

The Verdict

Obviously, this book uses no skill or brain cells.  It's just a guilty pleasure read.  I'm breezing through it pretty quickly and finding myself fairly entertained.  So that makes it a terrific $1 purchase!

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