Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Greatest Television Moment of All Time

If you haven't seen last week's Parks and Recreation, go away now.  I'll admit it -- I cried like a baby during this scene.  And I've since watched this clip about 500 million times.

My husband turned and looked at me in shock and he said, "You do know this is a comedy, right?" I nodded my head meekly as black streams of mascara ran down my face.

I just  think Parks and Recreation is pretty much the best show on earth. It's hilarious -- and it's streaming on Netflix.  Do yourself a favor and invest some time in it.  It's slow to start -- the first season isn't the best.  The second season is where the magic begins.

Personally, I like to think if I knew Amy Pohler in real life, we would be best friends.  (I feel the same way about Tina Fey).  And if I wasn't married to my husband and if Adam Scott wasn't married to his wife, I like to think that we would be married to each other.

Let me have my imaginings.

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