Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A plethora of firsts

Wee One is going through an exciting series of firsts -- all at the same time:
• First teeth
• First cold
• First pink eye -  in both eyes!
• First ear infection - in both ears!

In addition to all that, she gave me her nasty cold. And, for bonus excitement, every time I cough it wakes her up. 

This is why I am rocking her at 1:30 am.  Good times!

I would sleep in another room, but I'm afraid my deep sleeping husband won't hear her when she wakes up to eat. And if I'm not in the same room, who is going to check 500 times a night to make sure she's breathing?

Those are some important duties!

I can handle the cold, If I get pink eye, however...THAT would be embarrassing.

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