Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weigh-In #1

So I made it through my first week of Weight Watchers...and I actually stuck to the plan this time. Usually I just attend the meetings and hope to eventually lose weight through osmosis or something.

I think the number I saw on the scale - a number I  never want to see again - made me work extra hard.

Except it didn't feel like was working extra hard. Of course, it helps that I get a ton of points - partly because I am fat and partly because I am breastfeeding.  I had fast food twice this past week and my husband brought home soup in a bread bowl from Panera. (It was a bowl of bread - I was powerless to resist.) Yet I still managed to stay within my points.

Here are some things that worked for me:
•baked eggs in a muffin pan in the oven to make Pinterest perfect hard-boiled eggs, which were an easy low-point snack!
•made kale chips
•microwaved a spaghetti squash and covered it with healthy homemade bolognese sauce (ok, it was really cooked ground turkey in a jar of store bought sauce)
•baked an orange creamsicle poke cake using diet orange soda instead of eggs and sugar-free pudding instead of regular
•crafted a healthy pizza using FlatOut's artisan pizza flatbreads
•had Johnsonville cheddar turkey sausages on hand for an easy lunch or dinner

And it paid off - I lost an incredible 8.4 lbs!  That's right...8.4 lbs. I still can't believe it - I feel like dancing a jig!

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