Saturday, March 29, 2008

Size 6? You Heifer!

As a youngster, I was quite fond of Sweet Valley High books. In the 5th grade, I read them in my bathroom so my mom wouldn't catch me. (Although if one of the worst things I did was sneak the innocuous Sweet Valley High books, my parents had very little to complain about.)

For those who don't know, Jessica and Elizabeth (Liz) Wakefield were beautiful blonde twin sisters from California. Jessica was the wild, slutty one (although the books were relatively chaste, if I remember correctly) and Liz was the responsible, bookish one with the steady boyfriend.

Jessica the harlot is featured on this scandalous 'All Night Long' cover - not sure why she's with Tom Selleck. This was the book where she went out with a college guy - and I believe it was one of my favorites.

Sweet Valley High (or SVH as I like to call it) is being re-released for the masses. They've updated the series to make it more modern. I'm not a fan. Click here for the complete scoop. By the way, the 'Double Love' cover below is the revamped version.

Here's my beef: the twins were always 'the perfect size 6,' which was unattainable to my (at-the-time) not-so-perfect size 14 self.

Apparently size 6 is obese by modern standards. The Wakefield twins are now a 'perfect size 4,' which means even at my smallest, I will never, ever catch up to that Wakefield perfection.

Would modern teen readers even notice? "Oh - they're size 6? What cows! This book must be from the 80s. I think my mom read it when she was little. Where's the latest Gossip Girl?"

Want more awesomeness, click here for the opening credits of Sweet Valley High the TV series, which my roommates and I watched religiously my freshman year of college.

OK - your turn. What was your fondest SVH memory? Am I the only one who read this trash?

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