Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Rock Have I Been Living Under?

Yesterday I was watching the 100 Top Teen Stars on VH1. (Yes, I realize that's very sad.)

Apparently Chad Allen came out of the closet a few years ago. I was up on the out-of-the-closet ventures of Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris and that annoying kid from Who's The Boss. Chad Allen - no clue!

You might be asking yourself, "Who is Chad Allen?" He was one of the pin-up staples of Bop, Teen Beat and 16. He was the boyfriend on My Two Dads - one of my favorite shows - and I think he was on Our House too.

I was more of a Kirk Cameron, Corey Haim and New Kids on the Block girl, so Chad Allen never graced my walls. But I remember being very disappointed when I met a kid at my high school named Chad Allen and he looked nothing like the pin-up boy. Oh well...I'm sure there are plenty of Eljabos I look nothing like...

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