Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And the 100 Calorie Movement is Officially Over...

Personally, I think 100-calorie packs are the Snackwells of the current decade (whatever it's called.) Remember the fat-free craze of the 90s? We ate boxes of Snackwells' disgusting fat-free Devil's Food cookies, expecting to slim down only to find ourselves fatter than ever.

I think we've gone too far with the portion-controlled calorie packs when we're buying them for our pets. When I was at PetSmart the other day, I saw 100 calorie treats for dogs. And apparently, 100 calories is just too darn much because they also make 50 calorie Pup-Peroni snack packs.

WTF? Here are all the problems I see with this:

  • The Doggie Calorie Conundrum

    100 calorie packs kind of work for humans because we have a rough idea of how many calories we should eat in a day. (I believe I get somewhere around 1,200.) I have no clue how many calories a dog is supposed to eat. Since regular dog food doesn't have nutritional information, there's also no way to see how the snack packs fit into the doggie diet.

  • Definitely Not Green

    Yes, 'cause we need to add more wrappers and containers to our overflowing dumpsters. Where are dogs going where even need a snack pack? Doggie daycare? Are you going to pack a lunch-box too. It seems a lot simpler - and more environmentally friendly - to give dogs one or two treats straight from the package. Call me crazy.

  • Fake Food for Fido?

    Are diet ingredients all that healthy for animals? They sure as heck aren't for humans. (I realize I have ingested more than my fair share of fake food and chemicals, but I figured the immediate benefits of not being morbidly obese outweighed the long term risk of the fake food.) I just can't imagine anything that has reduced calories in dog treats would be all that healthy for puppies.

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