Thursday, May 01, 2008

Say What?

I recently finished Secrets, #2 in the Sweet Valley High series -- a torrid story of lies and betrayal.

Evil twin Jessica was willing to bulldoze over anyone to be queen of the fall dance - she was even willing to betray pure and wholesome twin Liz's best friend Enid. Enid's been keeping secrets from her boyfriend Ronnie - and he wasn't too happy to find them out. Scandalous!

Here's the best passage ever:

'Hey,' [Todd] said, 'you don't look too happy for someone who's going to the dance tonight with the most fantastic guy on the West Coast.'

[Liz] forced a weak smile. 'Burt Reynolds is taking me to the dance?'

Burt Reynolds? Was he ever a high school girl's dream crush? For as long as I can remember, he's been older than dirt.

I wonder if that sentence will be updated in the new 2008 version. Maybe Burt will be replaced with Zac Effron or one of those Gossip Girl boys or whoever the young'uns are panting over these days.

Actually, I don't know who the equivalent would be. The "hot" boys seem kind of girly to me nowadays. I think Zac Effron uses more hair product than me.

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