Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Don't Think My Eyeball is Supposed to Sweat

Tonight I took a Jazzercise class --it was my second workout for the week. I thought it would be miraculously easier, but it wasn't.

I've decided I don't like the instructor I had tonight. There are only so many things I can concentrate on when exercising. I can either lift my knees up or I can put all my weight on one foot or I can straighten my leg or I can suck in my gut. I can't do it all.

She kept saying "Don't do XYZ" and of course I always assumed she was talking to me. Here's the deal: if you look out and see a red-faced, huffing, puffing girl who can barely stand up straight, maybe you can look the other way if one of her legs is bent! She also had us working with resistance bands. I kept getting that thing twisted and tangled around my legs. Can we just work with weights? They're much easier.

Maybe it will be easier the next time I go. And maybe I'll be less sweaty. I swear that at one point my eyeball felt like it was sweating. (Or maybe my brow was sweating and droplets were running into my eyeball.) Either was very hot!

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